Abandonned house -
maple-tree's colour
year's only change

sunflower.jpg (166645 octets)

Little sunflower
how does it feel alone
among the dead
Sunny mustard fields
my bones cannot be fooled
by autumn's disguise
Dowtown's busy flood
breaks against two cloud gazers -
starling migration
Late autumn
daily drizzles muzzle
the crunch of leaves
Rosy clouds nibble
at full autumn moon
early breakfast
Autumn moon 
the shadow of the chestnut tree
pierced with sun spots
Amid larch glow
barking pursues wailing
hunting season
All Saints' Day
an old cross watches over
a pot with weed
Thundery showers
practise brilliant pitches
on new copper roof
On my hair
a fleeting kiss of air -
gull nose dives
Level crossing -
the world rattles up and down
while traffic stops
Migration -
baby counts swallows
one two ....lots
Telegraph post -
a cobweb glints and dims
under speedy clouds
Amid summer green
a weed is wearing autumn -
punishable offence
Lakeside springboard -
gulls dive into autumn sky
dabbing white on grey