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Súre quellesse -
máquanta malinava
sisse tá tanna

Autumn wind -
a handful of yellow
here then there


Híse quellesse -
ré pa ré i lassi nar
ómalóre ambe

Autumn mist -
day after day the leaves are
more silent


Yaxi autear -
nu telme hísiéva
quelde nanwéna

The cows are leaving -
under a hood of mistiness
silence returns

Quelie úva -
henetso cilinenna
aiwe tambea

Autumn draws near -
on the window's glass
a bird keeps knocking

Coa hehtaina -
mapalindion quiler
i erya viste

Abandonned house -
maple trees' hues
the only change


Tára talcallo
hlíne tihta ar sinta -
lelyala fanyar
From a lofty pole
a cobweb blinks and fades -
traveling clouds


Huoron lámar
roitar yamie lámar -
lúme roimeva
Dogs' sounds
pursue wailing sounds -
hunting time


Aipior calyar
ruinevie rámainen
taurie pendi
Cherry trees illuminate
with blazelike wings
the wooded slopes

*linaxovie = like having many bones : _axo_  bone in the Markirya, in PE17 this word has the gloss "neck, ridge" with the stem AKAS. Here it is taken in the sense of "bone" with the prefix _lin-_ many and the suffixe _-vea_ in the plural for "like". 

Síra tiuce  
noa aldaron leor -
Today fat 
tomorrow the trees' shadows -
very bony!

*varta- from N gwart - betrayer (PPQ)

Ai, lasselanta!

Aldar vartar* esselya -


Oh, "Leaf-fall"!

The trees betray your name -

Everlastingly leaved


Rosse lemyea -

laume súcas olya sí


The dew tarries -

it does not drink much indeed now

autumn's sun


Aldar lulussar

manwala culda quesset

hríveo séren

The trees whisper

preparing a golden-red pillow

for the winter's rest



tyalë lungulassínen - 


November wind

plays with heavy leaves -

full of raindrops


Súrë misteyen

vinya talan liltiën

nú helde aldar  

For wind and rain

a new dance floor

under naked trees


I mussi hwestar 

lasselórë olvassen - 

esce nu aldar   

The soft breezes 

in leafless branches - 

rustle under trees


Hehtaina caita

cenirilvie linya -

roime-re nwalca

Abandoned lies

the mirrorlike pool -

cruel hunting-day