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"blue sky" and other haiku in many languages!

A transcreation project initiated by Ralf Bröker


Ralf Bröker has chosen some haiku from his bilingual haiku and tanka collection "Kreischen der Kreide" / "the screech of chalk" and has invited fellow haikuists to translate them into other languages. My contributions for the first haiku were Quenya, Old English, French, Rumantsch Grischun, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. Of course the number of translations will differ from text to text depending on time available to roam through dictionnaries and grammar books which is very time consuming.
The translations and information on this interesting haiku anthology can be found on his blog "Haiku-pupil". 
My thanks go to Ralf Bröker for allowing me to post these haiku on my homepage.

Information "Kreischen der Kreide"/ "the screech of chalk":

"Vilya luine" ar ambe  haiku rimbe lambínen!

I shall post here only my Quenya translations with the original German and English texts. Each transcreation will come with a separate link to the collection of versions on "Haiku-pupil".

1. Version:
Lá vanwa aqua
rénenyallo i lamma
patiénen lossesse

Not wholly lost
from my memory the sound
of walking on snow

2. Version:
Lenca enyalie
i lammo patiénen

Slow recalling
of the sound from walking
on snow

beinahe vergessen
das Geräusch, wenn man
auf Schnee geht

almost forgotten
the sound of walking
on snow

Since there are no words in Quenya for "almost" and "forget", I had to adapt the meaning to the vocabulary available, hence two possible versions.


Vilya luine-
fanya sina
ninya ná

blauer Himmel-
diese Wolke 
ist mein
blue sky-
this cloud 
is mine


Niquis paltanyasse
qui anen qualina

Schneeflocke in meiner Hand
wäre ich tot
bliebe sie
snowflake in my hand
if i were dead
it would remain