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Tuile  -2-
Cana i lisce
i lámar roitalion -
tuile eccoita
Behind the reed
the sound of pursuits -
spring awakens
Nísima vista -
i quacór yando lengar
ve *cucualli

*cucua with the diminutive -lle as the turtledove is smaller and more slender as the normal dove (word construction used by Helge Fauskanger in his Bible translation).

Fragranced air -
the crows too behave
like turtledoves
Vanta tuilesse -
ara sír rámaverullo
A walk in spring -
beside a river from winged couple
to winged couple
Wenya salquesse
aiwe rice lámali -
linde hya hlóna
On the young grass
a bird tries many sounds -
song or noise

Haiku written while listening to a starling in the park. This bird emits all sorts of strange sounds.

Rilya ringwesse 
i lilótie naltar
On the glittering mountain pool
the many flowered reflections
from Cloudland
Ringwe tuilesse -
natse nenye tieron
tulca helcesse
Mountain pool in spring -
a net of watery ways
on strong ice

Aiweo líre -
titta nat fantea mai
aldo parnie 

Bird's song -
a little thing is veiling well
 tree's nakedness 

Chant d'oiseau -
une petite chose voile bien
 la nudité de l'arbre 

Mólala lístan*
nambea talyainen niquis
et i lotsello

*lístan a kenning for "bee" = honeymaker compounded from "lís" and the stem TAN
The Qenya word for "honey-bee" is nier (LT1:262).
means frost-pattern, ice- or snowflake, but also loose petal of white flowers. 

Toiling bee
hammers with its feet a petal
off the flower

Abeille besogneuse
tape avec ses pieds un pétale
hors de la fleur

Hwesta tuileva
uito - niquissi

niquis means frost-pattern, ice- or snowflake, but also loose petal of white flowers. This double meaning allows a nice wordplay.

Spring breeze
snowflakes have returned
no - petals 

Brise printanière
des flocons de neige sont de retour
non - petals de fleurs

Lótesse hwesta -

*antasen carreanen

*antasen = anta- give with 3rd pers. pronoun -s and a connective vowel for the object (the receiver) _ni_ 
The form attested is _antanenyes parmanen_ : I presented him with a book (PE17:91)

May breeze -
it presents me with a tressure
of cherry blossoms
Ye, lindor colir
salque unquenna aldas - 
rato cuivie!

See, birds carry
Grass to the hollow in the tree -
Soon life will awaken!

Vois, des oiseaux portent
De l'herbe vers le creux de l'arbre -
Bientôt, l'éveil de la vie!

Nainie hloni
et enwina aldallo -
maite aiwinqui

Plaintive sounds
Out of the old tree -
Hungry little birds

Des sons plaintifs
Sortent du vieil arbre -
Oisillons affamés

Lisce nuquerna -
nalta cenirilesse
senda nén siryo

Reed upside down -
Reflection on the mirror
Of the river's peaceful water

Roseaux tête en bas -
Reflet sur le mirroir
De l'eau calme de la rivière

Imíca lisce
lutur fanyar picarwa -
lón quáce-arwa

Among the reed
Float dotted clouds -
A pool rich of frogs

Entre les roseaux
Flottent des nuages mouchetés -
Un étang plein de grenouilles

Vílë tuileva
en, vilyassëa uilë!
i tasar'olwar

Springtime breeze
Look, airy seaweed!
The willow's branches

Brise printanière
Regarde, des algues aériennes!
Les branches du saule

Sieh da, luftige Algen!
Die Trauerweide