Yáviéo quiler


Olassie afantie inse vaniénen
Narwa, varne ar lauriénen.
Apantal tyáve - órenya quete nin -
Ve armaro ruina mapalin.

Yúyo melimme lauce quiler,
Yá auremmar queliéva utúlier,
Rátien hríveo ninquisse engwa,
Lúmissen vanyuvamme númenna.

Autumn colours

The leaves have donned a gorgeous gown
In purple red and golden brown.
I'am feeling some affinity 
With neighbour's blazing maple tree.

We both hold fiery colours dear,
When our autumn days draw near,
To set off winter's chilly pallor,
The day we leave for the western harbor.


vanie : beauty PE17:205, other word for beauty - vanesse
laurie: here not the plural of laurea, but "laurie" for goldenness PE17:58,200
apanta- : vb. open, reveal, show, display QL:34
ruina: blazing, fiery PE17:205, stem RUYU
mapalin: plane or sycamore (acer pseudoplatanus) QL:57
quile: colour, from "qile" hue, colour QL:77
: in VT49:23, yá is used in the sense of "as, when" - when winter arrives..
ráta-: excel, surpass, stem AR, PE17:205
vanya-: go, disappear, depart, stem WAN (
vanya- numénna: go West in English is a metaphor for "to die"