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I luine lúme (Tritina)

arassince* for fawn = arasse 
plus diminutive suffix -ince, there is no word for fawn in Quenya
The Qenya Lexicon has _opole_ fawn, young deer or _opolinte_


Oron pella oronye i luine lúme.

Morna, orna, tarne i taure nísima.

Rímaryasse ninqui lóteli ilcaner.

Tucina inen elevie ilcaner,

Arassince* ranne ter i senda lúme

Tussanna netya mi calasse nísima.

Tasse tyáves lóte pa lóte nísima

Tenna Lómitáriva míri ilcaner

Ar morie tompe i lúcea lúme.

Sie nér vanwe i lúme nísima 

Ar i lóti i ilcaner.


(Word by word translation)

Beyond the mountain rose the blue hour.

Dark , tall, stood the fragrant wood.

On its edge white flowers gleamed.

Drawn by those (who) starlike gleamed,

A fawn wandered through the peaceful hour

Towards a dainty bush in fragrant brightness.

There it tasted  flower upon fragrant flower

Until the Queen of the Night’s jewels gleamed

And darkness covered the enchanting hour.

Thus were gone the fragrant hour 

And the flowers that gleamed.