Olla oronti, i húro mentea

Falmar calava ter i lóme.

Rië hendunyatse i nalta laumea

Ná cénima ló endanyo walme.


Over the mountains, the storm sends

Waves of light through the night.

Only in my eyes, the dark reflection

Of my heart’s emotion is visible.


Rá i nirwes mahtien

Ea maure erya nierwa.

Faila nat rehtien

Samil maure rië veriéva.



To fight for the hive

It needs a single bee.

To save a just cause

You only need boldness.

Hrestasse, carasse litseva;

Ner cára, súre nancára.

Olos tutulla mal oluvas nanwa

Er mólomenen talmasse mára.



On the beach, a fortress of sand;

Man makes, the wind unmakes.

A dream keeps coming but will become true

Only by hard work on good ground.


Vanesse lótio ua tana

Qui aipio nauva lisse.

Lauca mique ua tana

Qui antaina melmesse.



Blossom's beauty does not show

If a cherry will be sweet.

A hot kiss does not show

If given in love.