Quettar nár telpeva,
Maltava ná i quilde.
Sin equesso nolme
Yárello apárielve.

Cuileli fantaina laurienen
Illon topir ilye mallentar
I tincoron arimirwanen
Ar quantar en vehtentar.

Uin milya alme taite.
Nucumne nar i tyáver ninye:
Quie laurie na silmerembina,
I malle mene márienna.

The word is silver,
And silence is of gold.
So goes a saying
From the times of old.

Some indulge in luxury
And pave their every road
With the precious metal
And more so their abode.

I do not  long for such a wealth.
A simpler taste, I confess:
Some gilding meshed with silver threads,
That surface suits me best.



quettar, pl. of quetta "word" (WJ:391, PE17:46, 205), stem QUET-
telpeva, telpe, noun "silver" with the possessive-adjectival case, "of silver", stems KYELEP- and TELEP- (LR:366, 391), (PE17:36,206)
maltava, malta, noun "gold" with the possessive-adjectival case, "of gold", (PE17:51, 201)
quilde, hush, rest, quiet, noun (GL:23)
sin, word meaning either "thus" or "this", here "this"(PM:401)
equesso, eques (equess-), noun "dictum, saying", with genitive case, "of a saying" (WJ:392)
nolme, noun "knowledge, philosophy", here "wisdom" (PM:360)
yárello, yáre, noun "former days" with ablative case "from former days" (LR:399), stem YA-
apárielve, par-, verb in perfect tense with 1st pers. pl. pron., stem PAR- "learn, acquire information by communication" PE17:171, 180, 204
cuileli, cuile, noun "life" with partitive pl. suffixe -li, hence "some lifes" (LR:366) stem KUY-
fantaina, fanta- verb "veil, cloak", passive participle, (VT43:22, PE17:174, 197), stem PHAN-
laurienen, laurie, noun "goldenness" with instrumental case, (PE17:61, 200) - (there is no word for "luxury" in Quenya, hence the version "some lifes are veiled in goldenness".
illon, relative pronoun with ablative "of whom, of those who" (VT47:11)
topir, top- verb "cover", aorist pl., (LR:394), stem TOP-
ilye, pl. of ilya, adj. and noun, "all, every", (LR:361, PE17:72, 199), stem IL-
mallentar, malle, noun "road" with 3rd pers. pl. poss. pron., (LR:372), stem MBAL-
tincoron, tinco, noun "metal" pl. genitive (LR:394), stem TINKO-
arimirwanen, mirwa, adj. "precious, valuable" with superlative prefixe ari- and instrumental suffixe, (PE17:37, 202)
quantar, quanta- verb "fill", aorist pl., (PE17:68, 205), stem QUAT-
en, adverb "still" (PE17:167, 197) , stem NDAN
vehtentar, vehte, noun, "life (a period of individual activity)", (PE17:189,208), stem WE-
uin, u-, verb, "not do, not be" in 1st pers. aorist (LR:396, VT49:29,36, PE17:68,207), stem UGU/UMU
milya, verb "long for", (LR:373), stem MIL-IK
alme, noun "a good thing, a blessed thing" (PE17:146,153,194), stems ALA, GAL
taite, adj. "of that sort" (VT49:11)
nucumne, pl. of nucumna, adj., adv. or p. part.? "humbled" (SD:246)
tyáver, pl. of tyáve, noun, "taste" (attested in lámatyáver MR:215,216)
ninye, pl. of ninya, indep. poss. pronoun "my" (Fíriel's Song), also 1st pers. pl. "our" is attested in VT43:19,35 in pl. "menye"
quie, adv. "whenever" (VT49:23)
silmerembina, silme, noun, "starlight, also poetic word for silver" (LR:385) stem SIL-, rembina, adj. "entangled, meshed" (VT42:12), rembina also in the compound aldarembina "tree-tangled" (PE17:136, 194), silmerembina "silvermeshed"
mene, men-, verb, "go" in aorist, (VT42:30, VT47:11)
márienna, márie, noun "good, well-being, happiness" with allative, "to happiness" (PE17:74, 162, 202)