Yéni yá  umbarwa lumbor,

*Laurenanda-metto tercánor,

hostaner or  men rainëa

fárassë ringwëo mírevëa.

Mistë ahyanë nandëo nívë

írë ilqua firnë nu orolantië.



 Envinyatar cuileo, tuilë entullë.

Olvali entuianer noiressë.

Tulcë vinni ortaner ondolissen

teltala paluinë olwantainen

rimbë rottor tópinë laiquanen.

Muinë nómi alassëa tyaliéva.



 Pa loali hirninyë vanwa

seldelenyo men sairina 

sí maquainen nerion nehtaina .

Alta mallë hastanë nómë sina

ve rúcima harwë nívë vanima.






*The translation of "Goldau" by "Golden Mead" as the name in German suggests is actually wrong. According to the "Deutsches Wörterbuch von Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm" GOL, also GOLETEN, noun, designs debris, gravel and is used in Switzerland namely in compounds of field names. This explanation is certainly more logic than a connection with "gold" given the long history of mountain collapses in this region. 


My  Forest

Long years ago fateful clouds,

heralds of the Golden Mead's end,

gathered over a peaceful place

on the shore of a jewel-like lake.

Rain changed the face of the valley,

when all expired under the falling mountain.



  The renewer of life, spring returned.

Plants grew again on the tomb.

Strong conifers rose on rocks,

overshadowing with their wide branches

many greencovered caves,

secret places of joyful play. 



After many years, I found vanished

my childhood's magic place. 

This time killed by the hands of men.

A large road marred the place

like a terrible scar a pretty face.


The above pictures show the region of Goldau bevor and after the "Bergsturz" of 1806. My thanks to the "Bergsturz  Museum" of Goldau for his kind authorization to use these pictures for the illustration of this page. Les images ci-dessus montrent la région de Goldau avant et après le "Bergsturz" de 1806.  Ces images sont publiées ici avec l'aimable autorisation du "Bergsturz Museum" de Goldau, avec mes remerciements. Die obigen Bilder zeigen die Region von Goldau vor und nach dem Bergsturz von 1806. Ich danke dem "Bergsturz Museum" von Goldau für seine freundliche Erlaubnis die Bilder zur Illustration dieser Seite zu benutzen.