Or i arimorna tumbaron           


Or i arimorna tumbaron, sí ar tá
lanta helyanweo lane calima.
Pallanar i quinne ambonar
palyas linquilea vaimarya.
I yanta carina lelye armainen
anta vandar aurion caline.

Ingallo ítarille calo cúna
hentanenye undu huinenna.
Fifírula tarmar iluména
tarir talmasse nwalyaina.
Etta calpanen helleo quiler
ar horonyen *quilya ambarenya luine.


Over dark dales, now and then
sweeps a rainbow's shiny hem.
Far beyond the stony hillocks,
it spreads its finely colored frock.
The bridge of delicate rays
gives promises of brighter days.

From the top of the bow of light
I glanced down into the night:
Its fading pillars ever stand
on both sides on desolate land.
So I scooped some of the skybow's hue
and set out to paint - my own world anew.