H o m e


Telde lúr


Cenin - eques - wilwarin,
Sinome, mana i tengwe nin?
Mi ninque, vaxelóra sambe
Yasse laime erye ume verya
Rambasse panya runyarya.

Tulle táranar, auresse tuileo,
Ú quetto ar ú namáriéo,
Vánerye mello ar intyanenye
Ramainen fearya ville sérenna.
Nai laitainiéva wilwarin sina.

Mano fear? *Nuquerin noa,
Quie palaresse ara coa
Wilwarini vilir or *camiloti.
Endanyasse maquetta lamya:
Alye nyare, masse amillenya?


*nuquerin = nuquerna, turned upside down is given, nuquer- to turn upside down here used for "ponder", consider an idea from all sides.

*camiloti = kamilot: red clover QL:44




Last moments

I see - she said - a butterfly,
On the wall and wonder why.
On that white, spotless space,
Where even shadows are so shy,
Won't dare to leave a trace.

On a spring day, the sun was high,
Without saying good-bye,
She left on tiptoes and I guessed
Her soul on wings had flown away.
May that butterfly be blessed.

Whose souls? I ponder,
When in the meadow yonder,
Butterflies hover over the clover.
In my heart sounds the question:
Say, did you meet my mother?