Cemen colle mónaryasse

Nurtaina und'ondo cénye

Ve ilma carin'ormanna

I oire Ainunier.


Atan hirne ar cantane ta

Ar hendintar italassen

Cennes almar ambaro sina

Ar appanerye oire.


Sie mancanes almain

Enda ar fearya *avanirie.

Nirne exi móta nórentasse

Ar paityalenta né únie.


Nai Ainur nítuvar* oirave

Únótime ar ve fáraron litser.

Cenuvas mi naltanta penya

Véra umbarterya.




*Ainunier = Tears of gods, name the Greeks gave to the diamonds

*níta- = shed tears from the stem NEI

*avanirie = unwilling adj. in the sense of not having a will, hence feeble from avanir, noun, unwill


The Earth was bearing in her womb

Concealed in rock and clods,

Like starlight made into matter,

The eternal tears of gods.


Man found and shaped them to his taste

And in their sparkeling eyes,

He saw the riches of this world

And touched eternity.


So for the fortune traded he

His feeble heart and soul.

Made others toil on their soil

For naught but poverty.


May the gods shed tears endlessly,

Uncountable and like grains of sand.

In their poor reflection he'll see

His own finality.